Why choose Swing Eyewear ?

Our R&D department developed a new design in 2010 to fulfill the needs of spectacle users, which overcomes the problems such as breaking of glasses, deformation, adaptation to face, skin sensitiveness, non-metal allergy, skin damage due to quality of coating and paint.

SWING brand prescription glasses and sunglasses are produced with Tr-90 Natur technology, which provides 100% anti-bacterial and anti-allergic qualities that bring advantages for the use of children.  SWING sunglasses are non-deformable, unbreakable, coated with organic paint and only 3-5 grams in weight, which led its worldwide reputation as healthy and durable spectacle.

TR-90 Natural raw material flexes towards All kinf of pressure from outside and external impact and takes the ex-form.
It dose not include any BISFENOL additive or BISFENOL A (BPA) that are causes cancer and allergy.
The results that are taken from independent laboratories proves that TR-90 Natural raw material bring SWING antibacterial speciality.
Because of the light and anatomic structure, it does not damage children's development of the face and the nose.
BPA Free
It dose not include any BISFENOL additive or BISFENOL A (BPA) that are causes cancer and allergy.
With its 100% organic dye, you do not have to worry about the chemicals.
Heavy weight glasses affects the development of children's nose bad. Because of this SWING glasses are just 3 grams.
Reaching all these features have never been so affordable.
Funny And Colorful

SWING is a frame that projects a FUN and COLORFUL image.The range of products can reach 40 different colors. It is LIGHTWEIGHT and IN PROPORTION to young children’s faces.These two features make this frame an attractive accessory, banishing forever that hated ‘’medical prosthetic’’ look.

Because of organic material SWING is friend of nature and easy recyclable than all other frame materials. SWINGprotest chemical and toxic materials on face of people.
Just because its unbreakable, antialergic and antibacteriel structure, it provides protection against all kinds of shock and microbes.
Perfect design of SWING focused for a less bulky look especially on a child’s small face and all kind of faces plus the more ample skin contact surface makes for better weight distribution, ensuring greater comfort in wear.
SWING glasses are suitable for the body’s physical, chemical and biological tissue. SWINGdon’t irritate the skin texture and don’t cause any itching or blushing problems. Bio-compatibility is an important advantage especially for sensitive and allergic skin.
European Materials
Top quality design and manufacturing excellence of SWING are quaranteed by the use of materials sourced entirely from Europe:  Special TR-90 Natural material from Switzerland, components of German technology, for a product that is also certified under food safety (Ministerial Decree) and toy safety standarts.
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